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Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training now in Finland

I founded Mindful Behaviours in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, where I ran the company until July 2017. In August 2017  I moved back to my other home country, Finland.  Mindful Behaviours has a history of offering a wide range of training services ranging from different group classes to private behaviour consultations.

I have a science education, MSc and PhD degrees in biochemistry, and a professional background as a research scientist. When my second Post-Doctoral research period in cell biology was coming to an end in 2010, I decided to make a bold professional leap and pursue a passion I had had for a long time: animal training and behaviour.

I have been training dogs since 2002. I started from dog sports as soon as I got a working dog puppy and I discovered clicker training through Clicker Trainers’ Club Finland. This was my way right from the beginning: everything is based on scientific data on how animals learn. I applied these principles to my training, and received competition titles in obedience, rally obedience, search and rescue trials and tracking both in Finland and in Canada. To pursue becoming a professional in the field, in 2010 I completed an official education as a dog trainer through Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program from which I graduated with distinction as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

Having trained as a scientist has helped me in developing an analytical and systematic approach also to animal training. I keep up to date with my education, and have trained not only dogs, but chickens and horses as well. The essence of positive training is that it doesn’t only apply to the dog: my focus is to make the training rewarding for the owners as well!

In the recent years I combined my two interests: science with animal training, I developed a research project in biomedical scent together with North York General Hospital in Toronto. My project has been featured on CBC Radio 1 and published in Journal of Hospital Infection.

In Toronto I also helped co-found The Toronto Centre for Canine Education. In Finland I have been teaching courses  and workshops at Turun Murre.