Basic training packages



(incl. VAT 24%):

Pay as you go: 1 hour, € 90

Package of four sessions: 1 hour each, € 320

Note! Additional travel expenses may apply depending on your location.

Good Manners for Puppies and Adult Dogs

Do you have a new puppy at home or you would like to work on the basics with your older dog? Mastering a set of foundation behaviours is important to make your dog an accepted member of the human society that you can be proud to walk around with. For the dog it makes no difference whether he jumps on people or sits down to greet them, whether to chase a cyclist or to come to us when we call him. It is for us to decide which behaviours he learns at the early stages.

Learning outcomes

Our basic 4-session in-home training package consists of the following topics (as well as others on request):

  • Puppies: potty training, how to tackle chewing and nipping, how to socialize your puppy (we highly recommend registering for puppy socialization classes as well!), conditioning to handling and medical procedures.
  • Focus: eye contact and recall.
  • Loose leash walking.
  • Settle on your mat/in your crate.
  • Leave it/Take it: leave food/objects, great way to teach self-control.
  • Play tug.
  • Sit & down, stay
  • Targeting: the basis for many behaviours.
  • Calmness and self-control in the presence of distractions.

We give you weekly homework and helpful resources. We also provide support between lessons to keep you successful.

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