Behaviour modification

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Does your dog suffer from fear, anxiety, reactivity or aggression? 

We can help with:

  • Fear, reactivity and aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Resource guarding: protectiveness towards food, objects, places
  • Territorial issues: barking at the fence, door, doorbell
  • Sensitivity to handling: touching, grooming and veterinary procedures•
  • Hyperactivity and low threshold for frustration
  • Sound and environmental sensitivities

The training should be started sooner rather than later because the longer your dog is stressed and behaves accordingly, the stronger the behaviour becomes. We make an individualized training plan based on you and your dog, there are no cookie-cutter solutions, it is the dog who determines what works. Some behaviours require more training and time than others, but all modification takes time and guardian compliance.


Why do dogs behave reactively?

Reactive and aggressive behaviours are the result of emotions, such as fear, anxiety or frustration. These problematic behaviours in most cases are completely normal canine behaviours but they happen at the wrong place at the wrong time. As soon as the dog sees their trigger, such as another dog or the postman, their emotional brain kicks in and they start reacting. And if it is an underlying fear causing the reactivity, the behaviour usually works for them: the person/dog leaves and the socially uncomfortable situation is avoided. The emotion causing the behaviour an also be frustration of being restricted, an excellent human equivalent: being stuck in traffic and not being able to move anywhere.

Our strategy

Imagine if you’re afraid of a spider and every time you see one you get a smack on your cheek. This is not going to make you less afraid spiders, quite the contrary! If, however, you get €50 every time you see a spider, your emotions will sooner or later start to change. To change the dog’s behaviour we need to, first of all, manage the environment to reduce the overall stress level and so that the unwanted behaviour doesn’t happen any more. Second, we start working on changing the dog’s emotions towards their triggers from negative or aroused to positive and calm. It is imperative to do this work when your dog is under threshold, in other words not reacting yet, so that they are able to learn. We teach them that the triggers make good things happen, such as meatballs, chicken, steak and then we teach them to do alternative behaviours, which are incompatible with the aggressive behaviours.


(incl VAT 24%):

Initial 1.5-hour session for new clients: Includes an assessment, individualized training plan and hands-on practice, € 120

After the initial session: Pay as you go: 1 hour, € 90 / Package of four sessions: 1 hour each, € 320

Note! Additional travel expenses may apply depending on your location.



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